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Your Safe Place

Come in Peace, Leave with more peace

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You're safe here, bring your issues, fears, worries, problems and dilemmas. Or come with supportive words and help for others.

Moderator- Mandapanda642

2. Although during rants it may be necessary to use fowl language do not use curse words directed towards other members
3. Introduce yourself before posting
4. Feel free to say whatever you want, but if it is too graphic please warn that it may be triggering or traumatizing to other members
5. No competing for who is sicker, sadder, etc etc...no exchanging weights, group fasting, asking for tips on food restriction or purging
6. Everyone here is probably fairly fragile, remember we all have hearts that may be easily hurt or broken
7. This is not a dating service
8. No posting pictures of graphic nature (nudity, showing how emaciated you are, or any other lurid or inappropriate nature

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified therapist or doctor of any sort, and nor is anyone else here as far as I know for sure- even if they claim to be- Everyone who reads the posts and replies here must remember that they are responsible for their own actions, no one here is holding a gun to anyone's head to get them to do anything, and dangerous advice, despite the fact that it is considered illegal here, is not my responsibilty. This is not one of those "pro-ana" sites, this is a recovery site for people from all walks of life. I have absolutley no intent of causing any sort of problems or danger- that's why this is called a "SAFE PLACE"**