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Previous Entry Not Paranoia Oct. 3rd, 2006 @ 09:51 pm Next Entry
It's been so long since I posted here......
I shut up for a long time that my rapist was now stalking me. There's fuck all I can do. He's a psychopath, very clever, 5 days before the trial he found that tiny crack in the law that after 8 months of constant preperation for a trial was a waste. I don't think he found this out months ago though. Cos I was having to be informed about this ON MY BIRTHDAY
Nice timing huh?
So his restraining order lapsed and here he is again, sitting two tables away from me where ever the fuck I go. Even more clever.. I can't even prove it. He only lets me know here's there when I am alone. When I tell someone, they don't believe me. So many people said i was making it up, but it's not my fault you're paranoid all the time.
Yesterday he sat next to my boyfriend, who didn't know who he was untill the middle of the conversation.
How the hell he found out my boyfriend's name and haunts I don't know. But he did. Colin has cerabal palsy...
this is between me and that bastard and how dare he drag my loved ones into this. The police will do nothing, they even called me an alcoholic (I dared them to take my blood and prove them wrong but they didn't). So I need a plan. If he has to be 5 steps ahead of me the whole time, I need to be 6 in front of him.
Last week in college my tutor grabbed me and drove me home. He's lovely but I didn't want to go home I wanted to keep working. But I was medically "exhausted" and had to beg my way out of not going to hospital.
I'm gonna end this, even if it takes me years.
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Date:October 8th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
I don't know your age or where you live so this may not be applicable. In california to get a concealed weapon's liscence you have to turn in an essay why you feel you should get to carry a gun. A story just like yours was one of their example papers on the government websight. Cary a gun and shoot his ass, legally. Good luck.
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